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Sun Snack Gluten-Free Black Cumin Crackers [Distinct Aroma] 12x(4x30g)

Sun Snack Gluten-Free Black Cumin Crackers [Distinct Aroma] 12x(4x30g)

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Flavorful with a distinct aroma. These artisanal crackers offer a gourmet snacking experience. baked with real parmesan cheese. Indulge in the exquisite taste and captivating aroma with every bite. naturally gluten-free.

ingredients: gluten-free mixture (corn starch, potato flakes, apple fiber), cheese powder, coconut oil, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, black cumin, salt, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate.


We are using %100 Recycled Paper

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Pack: 9 x 2 x 4 inch.

Unit: 4 x 0.5 x 4 inch.

Care Instructions

Baked not Fried, Soy Free, Sugar Free, No Preservatives, Real Spices, Halal

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Sun Snack Crackers

With your health and appetite in mind, we created Sun Snack Crackers, an all-natural light and filling snack you can enjoy anywhere, anytime.

The specially formulated low-calorie dough makes Sun Snack Crackers an ideal healthy alternative for kids and adults alike.

  • Sun Snack® Crackers are made with 100% natural ingredients that's sourced from sustainable family farms in Europe, Certified Gluten free, Certified Organic, Certified Vegan, High Protein, Certified Gluten Halal and baked, these crackers make snacking well deliciously uncomplicated. With 0g of trans fat per serving, the Sun Snack Cracker makes for wholesome snack any time of day. and won’t sideline your nutritional goals.

  • This is very spicial cracks that you can enjoy it sepritly, dip it, top it or add it to your food recipes, explore more delisiouse recipes of Sun Snack Cracks with differnet dite options and abselutly yummy taste.

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