Vegan Life



  Serving: Makes (12 servings)
Takes (18 min)


You'll need,

  • [3 Pieces] of fresh Avocado.
  • [4 Pieces] of hard red Tomatoes.
  • [1 Piece] of Cucumber.
  • [4 packs] of SUNSNACK VEGAN Crackers.
  • [1 pack] of of fresh Parsley .
  • [200 gm] of Jalapeno.
  • [1 tsp.] of Olive Oil.
  • [1/2 tsp.] of Salt.
  • [1 Tbsp.] of ground Sumac.


  • Cut the fresh Avocado into small slices.
  • Cut the Tomatoes and Cucumber into cube shape.
  • Cut the fresh Parsley and Jalapeno into small pieces.
  • In a medium size bowl mix the Tomato, Cucumber, Parsley and Jalapeno.
  • Season it with the salt, ground Sumac and Olive Oil.
  • In a serving try place SUNSNACK VEGAN crackers.
  • Place small piece of Avocado on the cracker then put salad mix on the top. 


Try with SUNSNACK VEGAN Crackers... 

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