Sun Snack Crackers

With your health and appetite in mind, we created Sun Snack Crackers, an all-natural light and filling snack you can enjoy anywhere, anytime with a range of 4 Healthy Categories and more than 15 delicious flavors made from nature’s best and freshest ingredients. The specially formulated low-calorie dough makes Sun Snack Crackers an ideal healthy alternative for kids and adults alike.


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Sun Snack® Crackers are made with 100% natural ingredients that's sourced from sustainable family farms in Europe, Certified Gluten free, Organic, Vegan and baked, these crackers make snacking well deliciously uncomplicated. The Sun Snack Cracker makes for a wholesome snack any time of day, and won’t sideline your nutritional goals. Add this bulk package of Sun Snack Crackers to your cart for wholesome snacks and simple appetizers.